Evaluation is based on activities of research and analysis conducted according to rigorous methodological approaches, and it aims at offering insights and knowledge to decision makers (project and service managers, public administrators, company agents) in order to support their strategic and managerial roles.

Since 2000, Istituto Italiano di Valutazione realized hundreds of local, national and European projects offering specialized advisory, methodological and operational support in the area of monitoring and evaluation.

Among our contractors there are public authorities and third sector realities, foundations, schools, municipal utilities, local public health agencies and private societies which need an operational support for the evaluation of their activities.

Monitoring and evaluation services realized by Istituto Italiano di Valutazione respond to the following purposes:

  • Narrative and reporting functions, as they allow to gather homogenous data and information on the actions developed in different contexts (or by different partners) interested by the intervention;
  • Accounting functions, as they serve the practical and deontological need of verifying the quality of the projects before the contractors and the users;
  • Summative functions, as they aim at assessing if and to what extent the project objects are achieved and the expected results are pursued.

This functions are pursued through the methodological structuring of monitoring and evaluation activities which involve, through recourse to different devices, all the significant stakeholders.